iPhone Repairs

Got a cracked iPhone screen? Look no further for we offer the quickest iPhone screen repair services in your local area. We also do iPhone battery replacement services for all iPhone models in the market! Click here for more iPhone repair offers.

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iPhone Repair in Connecticut

Are you looking for an iPhone repair service in New Haven and Hamden? Come to Fix Wireless! We offer expert iPhone screen repair, iPhone battery replacement, iPhone water damage repair, and other iPhone repairs. 

We have two locations in Connecticut where we provide all iPhone repairs you might need.

Our iPhone repair services in Hamden and New Haven are covered by a standard warranty that covers parts and labor. We’ll make sure you don’t spend more than what you need for an iPhone repair. Contact us for more information on our warranty policy.

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Two Locations in New Haven and Hamden

Are you in the New Haven or Hamden area? You can get the iPhone repair you need at our two locations in Connecticut. Our iPhone repair store in New Haven is open Monday through Sunday. Our iPhone repair store in Hamden also operates six days a week.

Same Day iPhone Repair

We offer same day iPhone repairs in the Hamden and New Haven areas. Our iPhone screen replacement, iPhone battery repair, iPhone water damage repair, and other repair services are done by our team of experienced technicians the same day they receive your device.

As long as we have the parts your iPhone repair needs in stock, we’ll start your repair right away. You can also contact us or drop by our New Haven and Hamden iPhone repair stores for urgent iPhone repairs.

iPhone Screen Repair

Fix Wireless’ high-quality cracked iPhone screen repair service in Hamden and New Haven comes with genuine iPhone replacement parts and a standard warranty that covers parts and labor. 

We’ll make sure your iPhone screen replacement gives you the best results and you get your device back the same day you drop it off for repair.

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iPhone Battery Replacement

If your iPhone’s battery isn’t lasting long enough for your daily errands, we highly recommend getting your device’s battery replaced. Fix Wireless offers iPhone battery repair services in New Haven and Camden for all iPhone models.

Let our technicians know what iPhone you have and they’ll handle the iPhone battery replacement for you.

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iPhone Water Damage Repair

Do you need help with a water damaged iPhone? Contact us and we’ll help you out. We offer expert iPhone water damage repair services in Camden and New Haven. 

During an iPhone water damage repair, our technicians will test and inspect your water damaged iPhone to find out which parts need repair or replacement. After this, they’ll get back to you with a repair quote.